Terminate Astro – Succeed!

I’m in charge of few bills of my mother’s house. One of them is Astro bill and I kinda had it with Astro. It’s true what other people said about this broadcasting company; they keep repeating the same thing over and over again. And there used to be very minimal to no advertisement but now, it’s all advertisement in between and it’s getting more expensive. I remember the bill used to be less than RM150 and then suddenly it reached RM170++ and I don’t even wanna know why. Actually I couldn’t even be bothered.

On average, I watch more TV than the whole household and I’m not even a permanent resident! Just a weekend visitor. Okay it’s only because I stay home a lot compared to others LOL. So I decided to stop subscribing to the cable TV. Everybody sorts of agreed but then again, I paid the bills haha. And we have the free and ever sufficient HyppTV so why waste any more money?

I put in quite an effort to unsubscribe because I’ve read lots of experiences  saying that it ain’t gonna be easy. They won’t let you go just like that. They will procrastinate, delay, ignore you, and all sort of stuff. Some people had to keep paying them for years after the end of subscription God knows why. After all the research, this is what I did and it worked without any hassle alhamdulillah.

  1. Check and pay off your outstanding bill – My bill cutoff date is every 28th so I checked my outstanding bill online and paid them off 1 week before 28th that month which is around 21st. You need to give them some time to unsubscribe for their internal procedure. Few days suffice but sometimes they will say they need a week and you have to wait another month due to “lack of time”.
  2. Call the next day to unsubscribe – Get your account number and your cutoff date ready. Don’t be discourage by the automated call answering system. I spent almost half an hour to finish the whole process being the first 20 minutes just to get to the right department.
  3. The conversation – Ask for your cutoff date just to be sure and so they can’t twist something along the way. Say politely that you want to stop subscribing and they will ask why and all. I simply told them that nobody watches the TV anymore. I think they get that a lot because the guy on the phone was so understanding. He will make you an offer that you definitely can refuse. Don’t give in to that. Have perseverance! You can do this! –They will cut the Astro right before your cutoff date so just make sure you have the cutoff date right and double confirm with them. In my case, my Astro was terminated exactly at 27th 12.00AM. You can insist for them to cut it off right away but they will persuade you to wait until the very end I don’t know why.
  4. Contractor appointment – Astro’s contractor will call you to collect the huge dish and the decoder. Set an appointment as soon as you can. Don’t delay. In my case, the contractor collects them on the 28th itself or was it the next day hmm I can’t recall but it was around 28th. They didn’t give any acknowledgement paper or anything and my family didn’t take any picture etc. so maybe you wanna do that just in case.
  5. You are free! Congratulations!

I’m so grateful that it was not a pain process for me. Others had it worst. I hope it will be in you favor too.

Funny thing is we couldn’t find the HyppTV decoder hahaha. So, we’re TV-less for few weeks and my brother can’t wait anymore and bought Android TV and our life changes afterwards LOL. It’s not as user friendly as other decoders. My mother still can’t figure out how to use it and it took me near 15 minutes every time I wanna watch something. It’s different but very promising. And cheap too! Few hundreds per lifetime. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner.




Dream guy

I used to look for a guy who have the same interest and passion as I do.
Now, I’m looking for a guy who have the same intention and aspiration as I do.

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All at the same time

Sometimes, I wanna do all sort of things at the same time and I feel all sort of things at the same time. I wanna read books, study my Arabic, write for my blog, exercise, do something creative, all at the same time. And few moments later I feel anxious, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, ecstatic, exhilarated, all at the same time.

But most of the days, I don’t wanna do anything, really.


The other day when Sometime launched personalize items, I was thrilled! I love anything personalized just because. You can have 10 characters of your name monochromed on the bag and they don’t have just bags this time. They have wristlet, key chain, satchel bag, etc. and the colors are pretty too!

So I and my sister decided to go to the launch on 2nd day (thank God cos there’s literally no other customer compared to the 1st day). I have been looking for a lunch clutch/wristlet for the longest time. I have one I’ve been using but there’s no handle. I have to hold by its body which most of the time I stuck it at my armpit lol. Sometime have one and it’s prettayyyyyy.

Come the day, I was filling up the form to pre-order and it took me a long time to decide what name to be on the wristlet. I have always used “ila anne” as my pseudonym online because I want to be as invisible as I can online. Somehow I don’t like to link my private life to my online life? That does not make any sense given that there’s my picture and all the updates but idk. Another thing is……..

I don’t like my real name. There, I said it.

It’s horrible. I know. I feel guilty whenever I think about it like I should be grateful because it’s a gift from my parents and all that stuff right. And I thought I would grew out of this ‘phase’ but I still don’t like it. You know that phase when you’re teenagers and you wanna be somebody else so you have different name or spell your name differently just to be different and not yourself. It’s not like that with me now. I’m perfectly fine with who I am. I just don’t like my name. It’s not that I wish for other fancy or unique name. I just don’t like it.

And it would look really stupid if I put “ila anne” on the wristlet when I’ll be using it in my real life, not online life. I sort of wanna use “Anne Fadzil” which makes a lot more sense but I don’t even use that name. And Anne isn’t my real name at all. It’s just the first letter of my real name. If I just put “Anne”, it won’t be as personalized anymore. It would look like an ordinary wristlet with a brand called “Anne” LOL. So, there I was in the store analyzing situations for quite sometime. In the end, I chose to put my real name.

I regretted it right after. Still do.

A student again

So many things to write about I don’t even know where to start. When it’s like this, it always end with “why bother” which ends with no post at all. I’m not proud of leaving this site barren but I also don’t understand how people can do it. I don’t even have kids to be busy with hahaha.

Anyways, I thought of keeping this to myself until the end but it’s too precious to not have a memory of it later (in writing that is). I have registered for a 6 months diploma course. I know! Who would have thought right. First, it’s not like a diploma from a local university. I mean technically, it is cos it resides in Malaysia but the diploma is only recognized by Texas Higher Board of Education, USA. It’s a Foundation in Islamic Studies with Arees University. Google them and you’ll understand. I don’t really care about the certification to be honest. I just wanna learn.

Wow why didn’t I have that spirit 10 years ago lmao. It’s been 2 weeks already and Subhanallah it was really good! I enjoyed it immensely! It’s not that the sheikh is a good teacher with good teaching skills etc. or anything, it’s the fact that I got to learn about Islam all over again and get to write notes (it makes sense later haha). The last time I learnt about Islam in entirety was in high school. There was nothing close to Islamic studies during university, except that one elective course everybody takes because it’s an easy A+. After attending conferences and weekend classes, it got me thinking how unorganized my learning is. I learnt bits about Seerah from a conference in May and then a little bit about Fiqh from a weekend class in August. I need a structured learning and Arees University provides just that. Please make doa for me. May Allah keep me in perseverance with this course and benefit from the knowledge I learn by applying them.

On notes writing! I have stopped listening to the radio for almost 3 years like that? I just can’t with the advertisements and I used to listen to my Spotify playlist for a while but no, I stopped altogether and continue with podcast. Of tafseer lectures to be precise. I probably have listened to the Juz Amma lectures more than few times and Surah Yaseen tafseer too. I download them to my USB drive and plug it in my car (let me know if anybody wants it). But when you listen to the lectures while driving, you can’t take notes bruv. I’ve tried taking notes right after I park but all I get is just the last 20 minutes. I can’t remember all 45 minutes key points to write em down. So when I get to write notes during a lecture, it almost feels like a privilege. #alhamdulillahalways

Funny thing is, I always thought all the things I listened to went down the drain cos I didn’t write them but that day Sheikh Isam asked about something and I can answer them! Based on the things I listened while driving! Yay to memory! :))

This is my first long-term onsite study so I really hope it will go well. After several courses online, I don’t think I have the discipline to follow through haha.

Dreams are overrated

They are.

Bucket List?

All these while I kept on babbling to people how unfortunate it is that;

  1. I don’t have any dreams
  2. I don’t know what I want to be
  3. I don’t know what I’m good at

On and on and on. Every time either of these topics come up I would say the same thing; I don’t know. In fact, I tried lots of different thing just to find out the answer. But I come to realize that this kind of thing change over time. Except for the part of what I’m good at though lol.

Even though I don’t have any dreams or I don’t know what I wanna be, I do know what I want to do.

  • I wanna be able to speak multiple languages. Especially the ones used in my home country. Can you imagine being able to converse in all 4 languages fluently? That’s gonna be years of hard work. See, a dream doesn’t have to be big like what we see in the movies. It could be anything and as long as you’re working on it, thumbs up for you. (But I should probably excel in my classical Arabic first right? Hehe)
  • I have always wanted to be able to play piano. Always. I learnt few songs on my own (read: learn which key to play from youtube). I’m gonna learn few more songs and if I’m still into it, I’m gonna take a proper class. It’s not too late.

On top of it all, I want all these things to be able to benefit people, not just me. It’s time to give back to the community, to the ummah, to the world.

And then these thoughts come into my head. It always does. These things I wanna do will not be able to generate any money or side income for me. How are these going to help me with my bank account. It probably will in the future or it probably won’t. I should be focusing on something that could at least earn me some money. Right?

Well, no. If you put money as your goal or compass in life, it won’t make you truly happy. It will give you a good life, luxurious even. But nope, I’ve read lots of books and watched lots of movies; money is not everything.

Love, family, and most of all, Allah’s blessing are what really count at the end of the day.

So I’ve decided not to think more of it and to just wing it. I’ll figure out later how it will help the world when I finally can do all that I wanna do and be all that I wanna be.

Is this kind of a bucket list? Cos yerp, I don’t have one. LOL

In it to win it?

When I was in university, I joined this soft-skill course during semester break. It was a week kind of course and I had to travel all the way from home to my uni which approximately distance at almost 30km. I guess I wanted it to be in my resume, thinking that it would be useful when I’m ‘out there’, you know.

One of the module is to be separated into groups and have a debate. You’re supposed to learn negotiating skill through out the module. But I remember that all of us ended up arguing and actually debating to win. There were no negotiating. Each of us wanted to win so bad, to prove ourselves. It was getting dark and it only got more tense than before. I remember clearly that I haven’t cared to win in conversation for so long until that time. Everybody started to glance at their watches but I was still strong at it. And our team won. I won.

The triumph didn’t last for long though. Few minutes after, I felt like a jerk. I hassled my way just to win and for what? To prove myself? To impress other people? I felt bad at the end of the day. So bad that I still remember it until this very day. I refuse to repeat that act. I refuse to be like that in any way.

So I really don’t understand why some people NEED to win in every conversation. I really don’t. It’s as if something of their possession is at stake and instead of having a conversation like a normal human being, it’s a competition of who’s the best at everything, not realizing that there’s only one participant.

The right way

For somebody who is not yet married, naturally, this would be my concern when it comes to this matter; meeting the right person the right way.

I am not gonna dwell on my fate of ‘still single’ at this age. I have long accepted the fate and honestly, I kinda see the reasoning behind it.

Nevertheless, when the time comes, like other thriving muslimah, I wanna do it the right way through and through. Generally, we all know that dating is forbidden in Islam. Shall one fall in love or taken a liking towards the opposite gender, one should contact the mahram of that person for further action or details. I read a good tip about ways to communicate with the person directly in an honorable way; communicate as if your parents are there. Text him as if your parents will receive the message too. Better yet, CC them. 😂

I just wish somebody would make a movie out of it or a book about the whole procedure like to the minor tiny details. I bet there’s a lotttt of drama within. I’ve watched one Indonesian movie that have bits of this but very brief. It’s almost like love at a first sight even. I don’t know. I think instead of forced marriage or contract marriage that all Malay dramas these days are about, why not a drama about a proper marriage from A to Z. At least, it will educate the society of how it’s supposed to be in Islam. It will still gain lots of view cos it’s a love story. I say it’s a win-win.

Again, rambling.