I finally have my own domain name!!


Like finally!!!! I’ve been wanting my own domain name since I knew how to blog and that was eons ago! If you check the archives of this blog, it goes wayyy back to 2008 but in actual truth, I’ve been blogging few years before that but I used Friendster and I didn’t export them to WordPress. I think there was no such thing as exporting content back then lol.

You may I ask, why now? Honestly, I am sick of my alter ego name. It was a really stupid name. I googled something that rhymes with “ila” and my teenager brain decided that “izaiah” have a ring to it so everything was “ila izaiah” back then. Well, “ila” is as legit as it could be but “izaiah” is just annoying to stick with. There was a time when I went all out and used “ila anne izaiah” lmao. I’m glad that now it’s just “ila anne” and both of those words are really my name.

Having Maintaining my very paid domain can only mean one thing; I need to get serious with blogging. I have to blog more often at least or else, those few dollars would be a waste. Not that I’m planning to go all out too though like publicizing it here and there to get more readers ohho ho ho ho no no no. It is still for me. I just feel a bit more sophisticated with http://www.ilaanne.com πŸ™‚


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