A student again

So many things to write about I don’t even know where to start. When it’s like this, it always end with “why bother” which ends with no post at all. I’m not proud of leaving this site barren but I also don’t understand how people can do it. I don’t even have kids to be busy with hahaha.

Anyways, I thought of keeping this to myself until the end but it’s too precious to not have a memory of it later (in writing that is). I have registered for a 6 months diploma course. I know! Who would have thought right. First, it’s not like a diploma from a local university. I mean technically, it is cos it resides in Malaysia but the diploma is only recognized by Texas Higher Board of Education, USA. It’s a Foundation in Islamic Studies with Arees University. Google them and you’ll understand. I don’t really care about the certification to be honest. I just wanna learn.

Wow why didn’t I have that spirit 10 years ago lmao. It’s been 2 weeks already and Subhanallah it was really good! I enjoyed it immensely! It’s not that the sheikh is a good teacher with good teaching skills etc. or anything, it’s the fact that I got to learn about Islam all over again and get to write notes (it makes sense later haha). The last time I learnt about Islam in entirety was in high school. There was nothing close to Islamic studies during university, except that one elective course everybody takes because it’s an easy A+. After attending conferences and weekend classes, it got me thinking how unorganized my learning is. I learnt bits about Seerah from a conference in May and then a little bit about Fiqh from a weekend class in August. I need a structured learning and Arees University provides just that. Please make doa for me. May Allah keep me in perseverance with this course and benefit from the knowledge I learn by applying them.

On notes writing! I have stopped listening to the radio for almost 3 years like that? I just can’t with the advertisements and I used to listen to my Spotify playlist for a while but no, I stopped altogether and continue with podcast. Of tafseer lectures to be precise. I probably have listened to the Juz Amma lectures more than few times and Surah Yaseen tafseer too. I download them to my USB drive and plug it in my car (let me know if anybody wants it). But when you listen to the lectures while driving, you can’t take notes bruv. I’ve tried taking notes right after I park but all I get is just the last 20 minutes. I can’t remember all 45 minutes key points to write em down. So when I get to write notes during a lecture, it almost feels like a privilege. #alhamdulillahalways

Funny thing is, I always thought all the things I listened to went down the drain cos I didn’t write them but that day Sheikh Isam asked about something and I can answer them! Based on the things I listened while driving! Yay to memory! :))

This is my first long-term onsite study so I really hope it will go well. After several courses online, I don’t think I have the discipline to follow through haha.


2 thoughts on “A student again

  1. Woww I did not know about this! Keep it up anne. Aku pun ade few courses dalam kepala nak amik, but you know us women with our indecisiveness. Nanti kte lepak tell me all about it ok.:)


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