Long Weekend – Day 5

By day 5, I’ve realized that with a plan to just “wing it” didn’t really work for me. I didn’t “wing” anything at all lol. I sort of just go with the flow. I had to send my sister to the airport on day 5 and then I went home… I didn’t even stop by anywhere to buy food, mainly because I’m on diet (yes, you read right) and I wanted to save money (yes again). But I ended up ordering some baked macaroni lasagna-ish for dinner smh but it was nice so I regret nothing!

Long Weekend – Day 4

Day 4 is the last day of the long weekend for most, but not for me. I extended it to the next Monday thus the 10 days. Naturally, everybody went back to their second home for work tomorrow. I couldn’t help but be reminded of this lecture I heard a while ago. I probably have shared it here some time ago.

Human is creature of habit. We find peace and comfort in routine but we will make changes, be it small or big to our daily routines due to certain events for example; vacation, wedding, death, etc. After all those events are done, we’re back to our routine. For me, it’s going to work at dawn, coffee, work, lunch, work some more, go back before sunset, rest cook, read, sleep, and we’re back at the beginning of the day. We spend the weekends doing things that we didn’t get to do during the weekdays, catching up. And before we know it, we’re in our 40’s with nothing to show.

Another thing is I think subconsciously, all of us believe that we gonna get old, retire, have all the free time in the world, and then concentrate on our ‘ibadah. Often we forgot that won’t necessary be the case. We might die before we even turn 40 or next year or next week. Tomorrow is never guaranteed for us.

I also believe that each of us want to change for betterment. We want to do something meaningful with our lives but this routine mundane life keep us in a vicious cycle that goes on and on and on. Sometimes, it’s hard to take a break from that cycle voluntarily without any events to focus on changing ourselves. Believe me, I’ve tried.

But if we could just make a little change to that daily routine and maintain it for 30 days or 60 days, it will evidently become a habit and the wonder it would bring..

Long Weekend – Day 2 & 3

Day 2

I really wanted to go out particularly on this day. Not sure why but I did so I and my sister went for a movie. There was nothing else good showing so we resorted to Along with the gods: The Last 49 Days. We didn’t even watch the first one haha. I kinda miss watching korean drama/movie so why not.

It wasn’t so bad. A bit comical and the handsome Ju Ji Hoon. He is so painfully beautiful to look at.

I would definitely now watch the first one.


Day 3

There’s a family lunch kinda with my sister’s groom-to-be but I didn’t go because I just don’t feel like socializing. It’s not a big deal kinda lunch because it’s just a getting to know each other kinda of lunch. I felt bad a bit for not going but I think it’s for the best. Urgh whatever.

And then we went to our tailor to give her the materials and take new measurement. I’m happy to announce that I have lost 1 inch of body measurement hahaha. Not much but for somebody who didn’t exercise at all, it’s something huge especially for me. The calorie counting worked! I knew it would but it worked on me!

We had pizza dinner at my brother’s and played some dance game at Nintendo Switch. I really like it!!! No need to go to the arcade and waste money haha. We have that drum set and 4 guitars for the Band Hero game. We got addicted to it for months but now….we grew out of it? Lol

Long Weekend – Day 1

I intended to start my long holiday with exercising in the morning, maybe a hike or a run but Allah swt knows best and arranged for me to meet my friend who’s sick in the hospital. We haven’t met since her wedding one year ago but we could jump into conversation as if we talk everyday. We probably have known each other for 18 years? Since form 1…wow that’s a long time.


I wanted to visit her so many times in the past but never really get my butt out of the house so I’m thankful that I get to do it this time. I actually got inspired by my mother who always always make it a point to visit anyone she know who’s sick. I remember there were times in the past when all she did is go to the hospital to visit sick people. Every single weekend.

In fact, visiting the sick is one of the Fardh Kifayah that is upon each Muslim.

And one of the adab/etiquette of visiting the sick is to recite this prayer for the person.

I hope I will make it a habit to visit sick people after this. And if anybody read this, please make a dua for her and other people that is in sickness.

The upcoming 10-days holiday!

I hate that the latest post on this blog is almost a year ago. Where did the time go!? Where!?

Well I’m excited for my long holiday next week. Just 5 more days and I will have 10 days holiday! …Not that I have anything planned though. I used up all my resources for travel this year so I kinda can’t afford any more travelling, be it near or far. But I’m still excited. The last time I had this kind of holiday without travelling was when I switched job and I knew I would need to wait for another job switch to get it again, which I don’t think will be happening anytime soon.

I wonder if I should plan out my activities hmm. I was thinking to just read the whole day, everyday haha. Can you imagine? 10 books in 10 days! Woot woot! Okay the double woot is sooooo last year. So lit! Hahaha.