The upcoming 10-days holiday!

I hate that the latest post on this blog is almost a year ago. Where did the time go!? Where!?

Well I’m excited for my long holiday next week. Just 5 more days and I will have 10 days holiday! …Not that I have anything planned though. I used up all my resources for travel this year so I kinda can’t afford any more travelling, be it near or far. But I’m still excited. The last time I had this kind of holiday without travelling was when I switched job and I knew I would need to wait for another job switch to get it again, which I don’t think will be happening anytime soon.

I wonder if I should plan out my activities hmm. I was thinking to just read the whole day, everyday haha. Can you imagine? 10 books in 10 days! Woot woot! Okay the double woot is sooooo last year. So lit! Hahaha.


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