To or not to?

I am now in a big confusion about my medium to connect to the world. I’m planning to buy a new phone because my old-now-current phone reallllllyyyy tests my patience but at the same time, I know what the new phone would do to me. It will make me waste my time tremendously.

So, I think applying the old school pros and cons yellow legal pad Mosby style couldn’t hurt.


  1. Definitely improved phone speed. No more lagging in doing erm..everything
  2. Beautiful picture cos obviously better camera
  3. Can install more apps! I downloaded only 6 apps to the phone.
  4. Can play games! (I’m in a game phase at the moment, leave me alone)

I seriously couldn’t think of any more reason cos aside from those four, my phone can still call and whatsapp people. It’s just that the lagging omigod I cannot.


  1. My eyes would eventually hurt cos I keep rolling them when the phone lags @.@
  2. I would go back to Instagram posting pictures of daily activity. I’m kinda scared of this to be honest. Scared that without realizing, the intention would fall to riak, ujub, etc. Sometimes I just wanna share but I gotta ask myself; Why? If it could benefit people, great. If it doesn’t, it could only mean that it benefits only me and if it is, in what way? What is it with sharing things that possibly matter to nobody else except myself?? I don’t understand this but I really wanna do it. Whyyyyyy Porqueeeee Kyuuuuuuu Waeeeeee *sigh* I think it’s the narcissist inside me. This could be a very good reason to not upgrade the phone though. Ooo okay.
  3. Actually, the app that I would install if I ever buy a new phone is not that many, just you know perhaps Facebook-not lite, editing photos apps, Quran Explorer, solat time reminder, e-book app not that I read on my phone a lot but at least it’s there, and omigod how could I forgot WAZE. I need Waze omigod. I haven’t try downloading it yet but I think it can’t handle Waze. I really don’t think it can. You know what I will clean my phone tonight and try tomorrow. This could be a very good reason to buy a new phone. Aha it is.
  4. No. No games. No. Just no.

People always says it’s all about self control. I understand that but I know myself and it didn’t work. I do not have a very strong self control I don’t. For the life of me, I don’t. Urgh figuring this out is so frustrating. I can see that I just need a little upgrade rather than a high full spec phone which would cost thousands. A few hundreds phone would suffice but I’m worried that it won’t few months later. Tsk at this rate, I won’t be buying any phone at all in the near future.


.twilight crisis.

I am so indecisive right now. You know how it is with me and plans. I like plans and like to have plans. So, this thursday, the premiere day of the long waited movie-Twilight, I will go to OU right away after class which is around 1 or 2pm with Zaim, Dot, and Mili (hopefully).

So, the problem here now is-should i buy the earliest ticket i can get or just wait for the rest of the petom and petam to watch the movie together which is at 12AM!! Practically the next day! So much for a premiere. Or maybe i should watch it both time meaning twice in the same day??

Urgh! Its gonna be a frigging long hours in between if i wait. And i cannot wait. But twice in the same day?? Doesn’t make sense no?

.ninja or not?.

Not quite yet..

Before anything i need your favor. Help me on this one.

Because….I got confused. Obviously ninja is more than happy to have a new family, Leo and fishy and sometimes those two cats. And not to mention a bigger place to wonder around and a bigger rock to sit on during the weekends. And of course endless supply of food. Not that i dont feed him oke. Its just if we running out of his food, we always have the fishy food and we knw that ninja eat almost anything that looks like his food. Here some pixies.


tuuu ninja atas batu tuu and leo at the top right and fishy at the top left

the pond

this is ninja’s other friend, oren or ellino

So, now you see why i feel all guilty.