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Uuuu mana satu nak update nih? I got too many stories. Oh senang cerita baik letak gambar je kan? Tapi baik letak link Facebook je macam tu? Haihh. I got no feeling to write about anything. Why do I feel like this whole updating blog thing is a responsibility? Almost a burden. I don’t really have to write if I don’t want to right? But it somehow make me feel left out. Weird.


This is last Friday’s. I went out berbuka with Jannah. Her adorable little sister, Sabrina came too. She has grown up so much. At first, we wanted to eat at Zanmai’s sushi but there’s a little doubt in us about that restaurant. So, we find other sushi restaurant and we found Tokyo-G. Used to be Sushi Groove but they change the name. Idk why. We ordered like 6 plates and a rice set for Sabrina and all that cost us rm155.69, I think. It’s around that. I lost the receipt.


The food is delicious of course but the menu somehow doesn’t offer much. But they have like this typical salmon, unagi sushi you know the one sushi king usually sells rm5 per plate. They sell six different of those for rm14.90. Wth? Maybe sedap kot. Idk. Not worth it if you ask me. Had a great time anyway. Sebenarnya Jannah dah datang singgah rumah last two weeks so ini kira macam keluar mengada2 nak buka sama2 la. Her house and my house like dekat gila kot. I can see her rooftop from my window lagi. Oke tipu. :p About 15-min drive.






And on Sunday, Abah treat us again for Ramadhan buffet. This time, Blue Wave Hotel. Supposedly hari Sabtu tapi Abah kata start hari Ahad, it’s 50% off. Lagi murah. So, Ahad la. I gotta say it’s not as good as Tropicana’s. Even though they got like plenty and plenty of various foods, it just seems so stuffy. Too many people and the place is not that big. But they have that small small sushi. 🙂

P9133335 P9133355

Ariana put on her shawl again. So adorable! I cannot tahan la. So comel! Setiap kali geram je, me and Ksah mesti slap her butt until she went crazy and yell at us. Hahah. Oh and she made mashed potato the day before. Semangat gila oke. Siap salin resipi and all. Hahah. Kecik2 da semangat masak macam I. Ish comel betul.



P9133344 P9133351

I rushed to Cyberjaya right after sebab menggelabah the next day I got my FYP presentation. It went well. The moderator and my advisor love me. Oke tipu lagi. But, it really went well. And for buka that day (Monday), the petam want to break fast at Seoul Garden. Like again? But unfortunately, the promotion is over on that very day so, they had Wendy’s instead. I and Yani had Subway again. It’s been a long time all the Petam gathered together. It was always Emi, Erol and sometimes the afro. Never the busy-workaholic-slim-down Paru. Naip pun selalu takde somehow. Tak best kot hang out dengan kitorunk. Fineee. Wekk. A good sight though to see them hang out altogether, the Petams. You can see so obvious that they really miss each other. Hahha.




It turned out that it’s a birthday bash for Naip. He kinda knew tapi masih ye masih nak malu malu kucing tersengih sengih. Tampa kang. Haha. Happy Birthday Naip. We played an hour of pool after cos everybody still want to hang out but don’t know where to go. Asyik stop tengah2 jalan ambil gambar je.



Winner team –> Paru & Emi (Paru main nak seryes je)

Sikit lagi nak menang team –> Naip & Aizat

Tak pecaye boleh kalah kan team Naip & Aizat –> Anne & Mili

Tak menang langsung team –> Erol & Yani


Hahaha. Tak percaye boleh kalahkan team Naip sebab Naip gaya da macam terer kan skali kalah dgn kitorunk team lemah ni. Hahha. Mili, kita kena mantapkan lagi skill. Skill da hilang nih. Dulu main 5 minit je da setel. Ewah. Tipu lagi. On the way back to the carpark, terserempak dengan Mai & Ika! Lama tak jumpa! Dulu selalu terserempak otw nak pegi kelas semua. Heheehe. Mai dah kurus oke. Seriously. Saham dah naik berpercent2. Hahaha.

And today, Skin datang lagi! (macam Tora datang lagi! pulak) So kind of her selalu datang melawat the hostel’s yang kebosanan ini. I got presentation at 6-ish tadi and my class finish at 7. So, kitorunk Magrib kat bilik dulu then head off to JJ SK~. We had sushi king (sushi lagiiiiii. I know :p) While we’re at it, Doory tengah tunggu this guy that we thought pakcikk but turn out a guy of our age (I think) for COD. Elfi okay (hahha kenape harus letak nama?) It was awkward cos we were having fun but that bro nampak sangat macam tengah tunggu duit je. Hahah. Tapi kitorunk macam nak beli kat situ lagi je. Haha. Ish3 apa ni. Gatalll. Hahha.


Then, semangat pergi rumah Skin yang macam berjiran dengan JJ SK tu nak masak Ramen Pancake. Mine was a bit tak jadi tapi Doory punya sedap! We made a lot okaayy siap ada tak habis lagi right this moment (3:26 AM). Itu la dia tamak lagi. Thanx Skin kasi pinjam dapur! Oh Skin tengah nak masak instant Mac & Cheese tadi tapi rupa2nya the fresh milk is not so fresh anymore. So, we thought using susu tepung is good enough rather than nothing but the taste turns out really weird. You can feel the susu tepung kat ‘belakang’. Hahaha. Belakang mana? Belakang tv? Hahha. So last buang je. Ish membazir betul.


This is mine


This is Doory’s


And this is Mili’s

What happen? We assigned me for 2 packs and Doory for 2 packs. Mili? Only 1 pack. Die tak mau masak tau takkk. Hahahha. Padehal dah ajar sme dah. 1 paket je pun. Die kate die nak buat kat rumah dulu kasi terer patu nanti nak show off kat kitorunk next time. Hahaha. Podddaahh. Hahah.

That’s all of it. Oh and I watch Gossip Girl Season 3 tadi. Miss it so much! And where the hell is One Tree Hill?? Family Outing Episode 62 is also out this evening. What a wonderful day. 😀

Hamik kau


Ramen pancake konon

I totally forgot to post up about today cos I got terribly excited by the 3rd September news! OMG! Okay let’s not jinx this. Gonna tell you after 3rd September. :p

Anyway, I made this for buka tdy:

ramen pancake

Ramen Pancake/Murtabak Meggi

Nama nak gempak je; Ramen Pancake padahal Murtabak Meggi je sebenarnya. Ceh. Too much of Family Outing lah ni. I had this kind of murtabak long ago when I was in high school and I totally love them. After that canteen day, I never found it anywhere. Not until few weeks ago, I found the recipe in FO forum. Hehehe. Apa lagi? Try la kan. It’s not as delicious as it can be cos I only used three eggs instead of four and the ramen seasoning is not equally distributed as you can see from the pics. So, I’m definitely gonna make this again. Din loves it. He suggested me to do all kind of Meggi flavour; Ayam, Tomyam etc. T_T Banyak la kau. Karang tak sedap siapa nak habiskan? Makkk jugak. Hahah.

The family insisting on Sotong Goreng Tepung some more especially Noni. *_*

Dear Noni, mintak mak belikan sotong ye kalau nak ila masak. :p

Broccoli Tempura pulak!

Today’s menu for berbuka (that I cooked) is:

broccoli tempura

broccoli tempura2

Broccoli Tempura!

and again

fried cheese stick

fried cheese sticks2

Fried Cheese!

Gambar tak nak kalah. Haha. Padahal sebelum ni letak lapik2 tisu je. Tiba2 nak hias2 siap ade sos cili di samping broccoli lagi. Haha. Ini kerana ya, saya sibuk2 saja nak masuk pertandingan. Ewahh. Pertandingan bodoh2 je. Just for fun. I don’t think I can win because the plate is not that pretty and the dressing is as lame as it can be. Haha.

Well, the Broccoli Tempura was inspired by Doory. She kept telling me how delicious and crunchy it is. And it is! Crunchy! But mine was not that tasty cos I forgot to add in more salt and pepper. Haha. So, it taste biasa la. When I asked my family how it is, their reply is “Biasa la. Oke la”. They said it’s kinda same like my Cendawan Goreng only that it’s green. Hahaha. Fine. Maksudnya semua tak suka la tu. Tapi habis je tadi. :p The first dish yang habis dulu kot. Hehehe.

Most of the Fried Cheese got burned. I tried to sprinkle chopped cheese on top right after I take it out from the kuali but somehow, the cheese won’t melt. Instead, it stuck there macam degil gila. So, I gave up on the dressing. Mak kata next time tak payah buat dah cos nobody really likes it. Only I love this stuff. They prefer Sotong Goreng Tepung better. Ceh.

Oh btw, Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysians! 🙂

I made FRIED CHEESE yaww

I made this tadi:

fried cheesefried cheese 2

Nampak macam apa je kan padahal that is Fried Cheese people! I made it yawww. Jadi okeee. Lepas ni tak payah sebok nak pergi William cari Fried Cheese. Balik buat sendiri je. Hahaha. Sebijik macam kat William punya just that the presentation kurang menarik and the size is a bit smaller. I cut the cheese into seriously small bits cos I thought they will like melt then suddenly become bigger like William’s but I guess the size of the cheese cube determine it all. Even got some over fried one, the first batch that is. The second batch look a lot better. But the cheese was a bit bland. Maybe because I used Mozarella. The bread crumb totally kick ass! I don’t know how it will turn out if I don’t use the bread crumb.

I definitely gonna do this again and again sampai the whole family muak. Hahah. Ohh Izzat and Ariana  gonna love this! Now, I can’t wait to go back home again and do this. Next mission: FO Potato Pancake!


I found many recipes on doing this but I pick the simple one. 😀 Here you go Dal!


  1. Cheese (It’s better to use Mozarella cheese)
  2. Flour (Not sure the right kind of flour but ‘tepung serbaguna’ is edible)
  3. Bread Crumb
  4. Beaten eggs

How to:

  1. Cut the cheese into cubes/sticks and put it in fridge for 3 hours or so.
  2. Roll the cubes of cheese in beaten eggs.
  3. Then, role them in flour.
  4. After that, role them in the beaten eggs again.
  5. Then, role them in bread crumbs.
  6. Fry them in a really2 hot temperature oil.

You can sprinkle chopped cheese on top of the hot fried cheese right after you take it out from the pan so that it will melt; as the dressing. And you can sprinkle the cheese with salt after you cut the cheese if you want it a bit salty which I’m gonna do next time. Hahaha. And you can also do step 1 to step 5 then keep ’em in the fridge for one hour before you fry them which I think it’s abit weird. Or you may roll the cheese cubes into the flour first then eggs then bread crumbs. Oke that’s weird. Don’t do that. Oh yeah the measurement you just agak agak je la depending on the amount of your cheese. Hehehe. See, there are many ways. Try them all and let me know which turns out best! Hehehe. Good Luck. 😉

Berbuka 1st day with family

Ohhhh I had a lot for buka today. I cooked everything, proudly. 🙂 Menu for buka:

1. Ayam masak kicap

2. Kailan ikan masin

3. Sotong goreng tepung

4. Cendawan goreng tepung

5. Telur dadar

6. Karipap

7. Kuih some more from bazaar

I cooked all that yawww. Oke except for the karipap. That one mak tolong goreng kan when I was preparing the squid to fry and Ksah helped me with the cendawan. So, it was less tiring. The ayam masak kicap was a bit bland. They can’t stop complaining while eating it. I guess the problem was that I didn’t have sos tiram with me. Too bad. But the kailan ikan masin and the fried2 thing all worked out! But the mushroom turned out a bit weird.

cendawan goreng tepungCendawan Goreng Tepung

It’s crunchy and all but the mushroom seems to group together when I cook. It’s hard to tear them apart. Idk why. Maybe it’s because the flour mixed egg. So how the people at the restaurant cook ’em? Last time I cook it, it’s not that big in a piece. Maybe the last batch was just a few mushroom. Btw, this is my third time cooking this. Heeee.

The sotong goreng tepung was superb. They love it.

sotong goreng tepung

Actually, I wanna cook fried cheese too for buka but I couldn’t find the mozarella cheese. So no fried cheese for buka. But, I just bought it tadi! So, there will be fried cheese tomorrow! Yeayyy! Hehehe. Can’t wait.

.tdy’s dinner menu.

I gotta post about today’s menu cos we had Sotong Goreng Tepung and Telur Bistik! Oke the name actually is Telur Dadar Daging Beger Bersos? Thats just weird kan? So lets pretend its Telur Bistik. Tehehe. Actually i wanna cook Kailan Ikan Masin too but mak said it will be too many lauk for us cos Din has gone back to his college so there’s only four of us. Tkpela tmrw la kn. Hik3.

Telur Bistik

Sotong Goreng Tepung

Tempting takkk tgk those pixels?? It looks good kn kn kn. Hahah. Oke la. The Telur Bistik doesnt look that good cos i think there’s only carrot on top of the telur instead of mix veggie and please dont mind that selebet cut of bawang besar. Hahah.

But the Sotong Goreng Tepung looks nice isnt it?? Heh3 ..Even tho got some overcooked version of it and i swearr i dont knw why the color seems so different.

All of us were so excited when i finish cooking and we’re set to eat then suddenly…

Ksah: ilaaaaaaaaa! masinnn laaaaa! Da tak saba nk kawen apeee.

Hahah. I knew it. Terletak garam byk. Hahah. I totally tasted it first when i cook okee and I think it taste pretty good. Who knows they end up so damn frigging masin. Whyy laaa. Hahah. Plus i dont even feel the frigging daging beger in the telur dadar at all! Haha.

Oke i admit it. I’mma noob.

Konklusinya : Attempt fail!

.what we do few days before raya.

Sorry people for the so sgt late update. There’s a lot of things to be told.

Last Wednesday, all the petom and the petam berbuka together again for the second tyme and this tyme the petoms cooking yaww. The main menu is ayam goreng berlada, sayur bayam oyster kale ribena, taugeh mcm kt chicken rice shop, telor dadar, acar, gula melaka aka dara bertuah *lol *, and some kuih2. It was great. Everybody was there. I like it. Home-cook dinner, with everybody, and him. Heheh. Thanx kakak yani kasi sepahkn rumah. Heheh. Thanx everybody for coming and thanx also for helping *for those who helps la kn =p *. Raya nnti kte ronggeng beraya okee! O yeah!

And, todayyyyy was hell a tiring day. I, mili, dot, doory, and intan went out to go shopping at I bought a sling bag as wanted, a turquoise top at all rm10 shop, and a little something for boyfriend. Teheheh. I wanna buy that white heart shape bag but no budget la people. I so sgt love that bag. Can somebody buy for me plisss~. And i’ve looked for it the whole building and only found it at this one shop but sells it at rm40. Expensive aint it for a sg wang bag? So i didnt buy it and now i can feel that regret shadow coming bit by bit *demit! *. I should just buy that bag. Apelaa. Oke forget about the bag. I can never buy it. No more time left. My flight is on Saturday. Pfft!Before we’re going to midvalley city, dot and mili go back home by public first which  left me, doory, and intan only to continue the shopping trip.

We got to midvalley around 530pm. Not bad erh? And we decided to berbuka at Sushi King! Cool right?? And i and doory thot that sushi wont be enough for us. So, i bought chili cheese fries at Carls Jr. Hehhe. Also to cross it out from my craving list. Hahah. But we were so wrong. Sushi sgt mengenyangkn okeee. I ate 6 plates of sushi which cost total of rm26. A lot kn?? I so cannot believe myself but intan convince me that its normal to eat sushi at that range. But its not that convincing at all when we see our neighbour who happens to be a guy that eat only 3 plates! Hahha. Oke say whatever you want. We knw we will get the monster award. Hahah.

After that, i bought a skechers people! My very first skechers! A new snickers! Finally! I so sgt love it! Even tho its not the one that i really want, but i still love it sgt sgt. The one that i really really want tu is out of size. They dont have my size cos somebody else bought it first 😦 . And since its limited edition, sooo they only produce one size for one design. Benci kn? Pfft!

Then we go back home and i karaoke myself in the car all the way back. Heheh. I love the sushi part. But not so much on the sg wang part. And totally love the skechers part. Cant wait to wear it!

Ps : For those who secretly loves, all are taken care of oke. I have decided to send ninja for a little holiday at abah’s fish pond at the back! Hahah. Ninja will be fine. 🙂

Pps: Credit to shedot for her editted picture. I stole it from her and pretending like its mine. =p