Long Weekend – Day 5

By day 5, I’ve realized that with a plan to just “wing it” didn’t really work for me. I didn’t “wing” anything at all lol. I sort of just go with the flow. I had to send my sister to the airport on day 5 and then I went home… I didn’t even stop by anywhere to buy food, mainly because I’m on diet (yes, you read right) and I wanted to save money (yes again). But I ended up ordering some baked macaroni lasagna-ish for dinner smh but it was nice so I regret nothing!

Long Weekend – Day 4

Day 4 is the last day of the long weekend for most, but not for me. I extended it to the next Monday thus the 10 days. Naturally, everybody went back to their second home for work tomorrow. I couldn’t help but be reminded of this lecture I heard a while ago. I probably have shared it here some time ago.

Human is creature of habit. We find peace and comfort in routine but we will make changes, be it small or big to our daily routines due to certain events for example; vacation, wedding, death, etc. After all those events are done, we’re back to our routine. For me, it’s going to work at dawn, coffee, work, lunch, work some more, go back before sunset, rest cook, read, sleep, and we’re back at the beginning of the day. We spend the weekends doing things that we didn’t get to do during the weekdays, catching up. And before we know it, we’re in our 40’s with nothing to show.

Another thing is I think subconsciously, all of us believe that we gonna get old, retire, have all the free time in the world, and then concentrate on our ‘ibadah. Often we forgot that won’t necessary be the case. We might die before we even turn 40 or next year or next week. Tomorrow is never guaranteed for us.

I also believe that each of us want to change for betterment. We want to do something meaningful with our lives but this routine mundane life keep us in a vicious cycle that goes on and on and on. Sometimes, it’s hard to take a break from that cycle voluntarily without any events to focus on changing ourselves. Believe me, I’ve tried.

But if we could just make a little change to that daily routine and maintain it for 30 days or 60 days, it will evidently become a habit and the wonder it would bring..

Long Weekend – Day 2 & 3

Day 2

I really wanted to go out particularly on this day. Not sure why but I did so I and my sister went for a movie. There was nothing else good showing so we resorted to Along with the gods: The Last 49 Days. We didn’t even watch the first one haha.Β I kinda miss watching korean drama/movie so why not.

It wasn’t so bad. A bit comical and the handsome Ju Ji Hoon. He is so painfully beautiful to look at.

I would definitely now watch the first one.


Day 3

There’s a family lunch kinda with my sister’s groom-to-be but I didn’t go because I just don’t feel like socializing. It’s not a big deal kinda lunch because it’s just a getting to know each other kinda of lunch. I felt bad a bit for not going but I think it’s for the best. Urgh whatever.

And then we went to our tailor to give her the materials and take new measurement. I’m happy to announce that I have lost 1 inch of body measurement hahaha. Not much but for somebody who didn’t exercise at all, it’s something huge especially for me. The calorie counting worked! I knew it would but it worked on me!

We had pizza dinner at my brother’s and played some dance game at Nintendo Switch. I really like it!!! No need to go to the arcade and waste money haha. We have that drum set and 4 guitars for the Band Hero game. We got addicted to it for months but now….we grew out of it? Lol

Long Weekend – Day 1

I intended to start my long holiday with exercising in the morning, maybe a hike or a run but Allah swt knows best and arranged for me to meet my friend who’s sick in the hospital. We haven’t met since her wedding one year ago but we could jump into conversation as if we talk everyday. We probably have knownΒ each other for 18 years? Since form 1…wow that’s a long time.


I wanted to visit her so many times in the past but never really get my butt out of the house so I’m thankful that I get to do it this time. I actually got inspired by my mother who always always make it a point to visit anyone she know who’s sick. I remember there were times in the past when all she did is go to the hospital to visit sick people. Every single weekend.

In fact, visiting the sick is one of the Fardh Kifayah that is upon each Muslim.

And one of the adab/etiquette of visiting the sick is to recite this prayer for the person.

I hope I will make it a habit to visit sick people after this. And if anybody read this, please make a dua for her and other people that is in sickness.

The upcoming 10-days holiday!

I hate that the latest post on this blog is almost a year ago. Where did the time go!? Where!?

Well I’m excited for my long holiday next week. Just 5 more days and I will have 10 days holiday! …Not that I have anything planned though. I used up all my resources for travel this year so I kinda can’t afford any more travelling, be it near or far. But I’m still excited. The last time I had this kind of holiday without travelling was when I switched job and I knew I would need to wait for another job switch to get it again, which I don’t think will be happening anytime soon.

I wonder if I should plan out my activities hmm. I was thinking to just read the whole day, everyday haha. Can you imagine? 10 books in 10 days! Woot woot! Okay the double woot is sooooo last year. So lit! Hahaha.

Petom NZ Trip – Day 2


Day 2 was a bit of a ride as a start. Pagi2 terus kena rushing pergi airport for domestic flight to Christchurch to catch a zoo schedule; Orana Wildlife Park. Ye la harus la kiasu nak jadi orang pertama masuk gate kan takut kalau2 lambat nanti makin sesak. Nak kejar feeding time dia lagi kan. Gigih ni. Sekali sampai tak ada orang πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ada la dalam less than 15 cars in the parking lot. Bila masuk jalan2, ternyata, jenis orang yang pergi zoo ni pun semua jenis bawa budak. Maka masing2 beralasankan nak bawa Aqeel tengok zoo padahal budak tu tidur je haha.


Nampak je macam some kind of lake tapi ini sebenarnya salah satu kandang/sangkar haiwan ye. Seladang ke rhyno ntah.

Oh didn’t I tell you that we have a baby with us in this trip? Yerp 4 and a half human all the way. Yani had Aqeel last year. He’s 11 months old and no mother would leave her baby that young at home so heret la sekali.

The most fun part is we got to feed the giraffe! I have never been that close with a giraffe! It was really exciting for me. There was a petting farm so we got to feed the sheep too. The alpaca and kiwi bird were present too so we got to crossed all the animal checklist in New Zealand lol.

Lepas lunch maka tiba lah acara yang dinanti2kan; groceries shopping! The chefs couldn’t wait to get their hands on the halal chicken while I couldn’t wait to buy all the potato chips and biscuits lol. There’s only one halal poultry provider in supermarket; the brand is Brinks and can only be purchased at Pak n Save. No Countdown or Warehouse will get you any of those halal wings. And if you ain’t that lucky, even Pak n Save don’t have halal meat. We concluded that it depends on the area you’re in.


Then we drove to our very first and most anticipated lake and motel, Lake Tekapo. On the way, we should cross our path with a beautiful Canola field at Fairlie, very much Instagram-able background picture. But I was driving that time so nobody knows this, but I don’t take sudden instructions while driving and I tend to dislike stops from point A to point B. We kinda detected a yellow-ish field but I didn’t have sufficient time to take the turn cos I was going quite fast so we just drove passed it. Quite a pity but nobody insisted on turning back so I just kept driving.

We reached Lake Tekapo quite late. It was almost dark but we can still see the lake. Our room was amazing. Our front door view is the lake itself. Everyone totally forgot about the star gazing thingy and just went straight to bed after dinner lol. Dinner was so good and we all were just so tired.


Petom NZ Trip – Day 1

Sementara mood masih ada, marilah post about the recent trip. Kadang-kadang makin jadi malas sebab kena select gambar. Gambar yang wajar upload satu je tapi shot ade beribu. Agak jenuh di situ.

First day was all about the travel. The horrible long hours flight. Alhamdulillah with Allah’s mercy through the power of medicine, I didn’t throw up this time, going to and coming back from. I had few tricks up my sleeve though.


Punya la dah berapa kali naik flight baru hari tu terfikir ways to combat my terrible motion sickness. I shall prepare a kit for a flight; mask, hoodie, pills, and comfy pillow.

Reached Auckland after several hours and we went straight for the hotel shuttle. The only problem is we have no way to call them. We rented a pocket wifi thus no calling available. I almost wanted to buy 1 sim card but thought better. Apparently, if you go to any i-Site (it’s like an information counter for tourist or to help tourist), they can call the hotel for you FOC. Nasib baik ok. We emailed the hotel earlier but to no avail so bukan la tak prepare ke hape. Waited 2 hours for the shuttle baru sampai sobs sabar je la. Ada rasa macam nak rate 1 bintang la untuk this hotel kann.

Ok tu je first day lol. So here’s the itinerary for those who asked: Petom NZ Trip Itinerary (better viewed in phone with Google Sheets)

Cuti Mereput: Day 13 – 18

Day 13

I felt better waking up. The headache still bugged me but everything was better alhamdulillah. I still have a light headache though so I stay at home still, the whole day watching TV in the dark. By the end of the day, the headache was almost gone.

Day 14

Would you believe it if I told you that I had my farewell lunch on this day? Yerp I did. My farewell lunch with my ex-colleagues happened today. They always do this. I think it’s really weird I mean farewell supposed to be done before you quit the job, not after lol but according to my boss, it’s normal. And this is not the first time in the department lol. I was scared to eat anything that day but it was almost impulsive agreeing on Nandos. My big boss didn’t make it cos she was down with fever so it was just the underdogs. It was nice. I get to see all of them one last time. I almost teared up saying goodbye to my direct manager. He was a very kind boss.

Because lunch was at IOI City Mall so I dropped by my Puchong house to do the laundry and clean up my room a bit. Went back to Shah Alam after Isyak.

Day 15

I went out that day! With petom that’s forever available lol. How coincidental is it that I, Yani, and Mili are not working on that day? Okay Yani is actually on her confinement leave and Mili is free from her schedule. Not really a coincidence but still. We went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie; Deadpool. It was fun but Idk towards the end, it’s just annoying. And then we had our lunch at NY Steak Shack. I ordered mushroom pasta; big mistake. I can cook better than that and I don’t even cook regularly. Maybe I should order the steak since it’s a steak restaurant lol. Jokes on me? We had desserts and coffee at Caffe Bene and went home after that. It felt ages since I hang out outside with friends.


Oh I went back to KD after isyak. Had Rakshee for dinner with Ksah. I make it a point to lessen my travelling on the day cos of the headache. It is so hot these days okay. I’m not kidding.

Day 16

I didn’t have much time to read few days ago doing this and that. And to be honest, I don’t know what to read. I don’t want to start a series because then I feel like I have to finish them before I start working. So, I read Twilight Re-imagined. Almost regret it lol. I stayed at home the whole day reading. It was the best! I had a great time that day. Naturally, I finish the whole book by the next day lol.


Day 17

Saturday! I started to freak out already. It was nerve wrecking going into the unknown but I still got the weekend to not think about it. Went out with Ksah for a movie. We watched Ola Bola! My little brother said the movie isn’t worth the money but we still wanna watch it and the movie was great! There were times when I felt like I’m in the stadium instead of a movie hall. It made me feel patriotic and blessed mostly. Malaysians, all kind of races have been living with each other for so long. Almost six decades. I think that’s something worth to protect no matter the cost. Anyways, we had Nasi Lemak for late lunch at Rail Canteen. It was good, can almost beat Village Park. Almost there lol. And then I went back to Shah Alam that night and I started reading Four.



Day 18

The final holiday. The final day of lazing around. The only no-work 2 weeks I get in every few years was ending. I stayed at home doing nothing, really. Finished the book, Four. Went back to Puchong after Asar. Did my laundry, ironed my clothes for the next day, updated my blog, and went to sleep.



Cuti Mereput: Day 9 – 12

Now where were we..Day 9!

Day 9

I love Friday regardless I cuti or not. I always anticipate dinner on Friday for some reason I don’t know what. I can’t remember much what I did on that day but I can vouch that it’s pretty much the same as my previous Friday. It was quite hectic that day cos I had to rush for a customer. I tried a new subway-ish cafe at Shah Alam. They are like longgggg way to go to reach Subway level and their subs are more expensive. So not going there anymore. Their pastas are not that bad though. I stayed home the rest of the day watching TV I think.

Day 10

The long anticipated vacation! Ok you can’t really call this a vacation when the ultimate reason is weddings lmao. I, Ksah and Mak went to Nilai for one of Mak’s wedding invitation. Then we head off to Melaka for another wedding invitation the next day. It was kinda the worst decision ever because (A) It was a long weekend holiday so everybody is on a trip which only means massive traffic jam! And it was my turn to drive! Urgh! It was the worst! and (B) I got food poisoning from the trip. Urghhhh that was the worst of the worst. As my other Melaka trips in the past, this is also a food hunting trip. We went for the coconut shake first thing first. Checked in to the hotel. Went out to Crystal Bay for seafood. Had Barkat Roti John for supper anddd we went back to rest. LOL. The food was nice although I could complain a lot on the seafood but well it was okay. Barkat Roti John though is so overrated. Taman Warisan’s is better.



Day 11

It has started even from the night before. I couldn’t sleep very well not sure why. It gets worst in the morning. I tried to barf it out but failed so I had to stick with this queasy feeling for the rest of the day urgh. We went to the second kenduri anyways and went back home right after another round of coconut shake. I ordered but couldn’t finish it at all. Finally throw up before I went to bed that night. I hate hate hate throwing up I hate it but it had to be done. My body started becoming weak as hours passing by. I thought I had fever because my body is hot outside but cold inside but I don’t know. I tried not to go to the clinic because I don’t have a medical card with me. Things I took for granted lol.

Day 12

I self medicated and failed lol. I only felt better for a while right after I took the medicine but when the pain killer wears off, everything came back. The headache though wow. It’s not like the pounding one sided migraine. It’s more like the whole thing hurt. I had to lie down the whole day in the dark watching TV, sleeping. Too much light hurt made it worst. It was not the worst food poisoning history ever. I’ve had worst than this but it got me thinking though, what if one day, my body stop processing food because I put it to too much of work from processing fast food. Having thought of that, inshaallah I’m not going to eat fast food for one month! And I’m gonna do it every month inshaallah. Anyways, I went to the doctor at night and get a new set of medicine. They charged me rm46! T_T


Cuti Mereput: Day 7 – 8

Day 7

This is the day when we sent half of the family to the airport. Three of the children are going for their first umrah with the parent. I am so excited and happy for them. Umrah is an experience that could change your whole life. May Allah accept their umrah and ours. Their flight was at 2pm but knowing the parents, we went from our house at 9am. Yes, 5 hours earlier. We’re used to it already. We had lunch at the food court and it has been some time since we all gather, eat, and joke around like that. It was nice. And then I and Ksah went to Mitsui Outlet just because it was few kilometers away and we’ve never been. Omigod the mall has nothing! Maybe because I didn’t really look for anything but the mall was boring so we just had coffee and go back.




Day 8

That’s today! I’m finally up to date on updating stuff! LOL! I did absolutely nothing today. God! I was so boredddddd even reading books didn’t help. Well, to be fair, I was reading a lame book (see pic below). I have moved on to Red Queen! I did all my laundry today. That was satisfying. I was going to watch a movie but I didn’t cos the timing sucks so I ended up going to Dpulze for lunch and that’s it. I’m kinda proud that I didn’t buy anything unnecessary. Had the last QI Follow Up class just now and that pretty sums up my day today. At least I did the laundry lol.




You I know I’ve been checking the flight tickets every day if I could get cheap tickets to Krabi or Seoul or Japan but only Krabi seems promising. There was one point where I gathered all my guts to just buy the ticket and just go you know. Just do it!


But I didn’t have the balls. Naturally, you would think about the means of transportation from the airport to the hotel after your purchase flight tickets and I couldn’t even brave that. I chickened out. And then I started to pay my bills for the month and eventually checked my savings account. I thought I have the extra budget to spend but I forgot I’ve used them for Access 2 course which left me broke to travel. Hahaha. Speaking of which, alhamdulillah I got to register Access 2!!

Now, I just have to accept the fact that it’s not going to happen. Suck it up Anne! Therefore, I’m all set to travel big this year! I have to do it! I am going to do it! End of this year inshaallah. More time to save up the mullah! I can do thissssssss inshaallah!