Dapat hadiah lagi!

I dapat hadiah lagi weyyyy!!! Even though birthday I dua bulan yang lepas, tapi still dapat hadiah lagi okay.

Hehehehhe. Yang ini Yani, Dot, and Nadshah yang kasi. Memang mengetahui habis kesukaan I, lampu-lampuan. Cantikkkkk. Dah la datang secara mengejut di bilik I. Terkesima I sebentar. Sebenarnya, memang dah lama I nak beli lampu macam ni. Setiap kali berjalan-jalan di Jonker Walk mesti teringin nak beli tapi tak beli2 sebab bila nak beli je, mesti berkira dengan diri sendiri tsk. I akan cakap ish asyik beli lampu je, dah dah la tu. Akhirnya dapat jugakkkk! Yeay yeay yeay! Suka! Thank you korang! ^^ I terharu lah

Sebenarnya, Dila pun ade kasi hadiah kat I jugak tapi tak sempat nak ambil gambar lagi, kepala hello kitty dah tercabut dah huhu. Oh memandangkan Dila adalah tauke kedai crocs so, hadiah adalah berupa 3 bijik jigbits crocs. Hehehe. Siap boleh pilih lagi. Untuk mendapatkan crocs dan jigbits yang murah dan serious original, visit her site here: http://cheromforinloshop.blogspot.com/ hehehe.

Skin jugak ada kata nak kasi hadiah. Hehehehe. Tak sabar I nak tunggu Skin punya hadiah. Hari tu dia kata dah siap tapi boleh pulak hilang. So, dia nak buat balik. Memandangkan Skin nih hand-made kind of person, she make my birthday present herself. Tak sabar! Hahah. Semua produk beliau cantik2 dan murah2 pulak tu berbanding kedai hand-made lain. Sampai kadang2 I berebut2 dengan customer lain. Lepas tu yang bestnye, boleh request nak wallet ke, laptop sleeve ke, etc. To view her hand-made work, visit her site here: http://whooblebublyland.blogspot.com/. Oh at this moment, Skin is accepting any order until 12th Feb so, pergi la order sekarang. :p

Noni & Ksah jugak tak kasi2 lagi hadiah I. Korang ni cakap memang lebat. Hahaha.

Sambil thank the person, I juga promote blog mereka. Bagus kan I? Wekkk


For Double S Five O One, I’d do anything.

Even though handset I lama gila tahap tok kadok tok nenek zaman purba yang the first era of handset ke pun kan. Phone I ade bling2 pink. Phone korang ada ke? Phone I ade SS501 strap and logo. Phone korang ada ke? Ha ha ha? Hahaha. Ni kenapa nak eksen2 phone buruk nih? Ya. I tekanan dah beribu tahun tak tukar handphone. Most of my friends macam da tukar handphone berkali2 kot. Gila kuno habis lah I. Whateverrr.

I nak cerita about yesterday sebenarnya. Yesterday, I went to Setiawangsa for this Triple S class thingy. It was really really fun even though I don’t really know anybody there but so does everyone there. Since I’m not much of a talker with new people, so it’s kinda awkward for me. I kept to myself a lot. It started around 845 and ended at 1045. Jen, uri admin-shi was so so so kind-hearted, she offered me to go with her since her house is at Seri Kembangan. So, I wait for her at Bukit Jalil LRT station around 7 something. Then, we went to Mont Kiara to pick up Sung Ah.

At first, I really didn’t know what to talk about but it turned out quite fine. We talked mostly about our boys and all the korean stuff. There were times I didn’t really hear what Jen said (cos the music was too loud) but I was too shy to ask her to turn down the volume. Heheh. So, I just assume/guess and I guess right. Haha. I didn’t get to talk much with Sung Ah cos she’s so quiet. I also have no idea what to talk about with her. Sung Ah is our dear translator. I think I watched a lot of her videos and her translation. Never got the chance to say thank you. So Sung Ah, if by any chance you read this which I doubt you will lol, thank you so much for the translation. Jeong mal appreciate it.

After it ended, Jen drop me off at BTS station at 11:20pm like that. I was so scared that I might miss the train that I walk fiercely and so damn fast to get there in time and I did. Only to find out that I wait at the wrong side of the station! I wait at the KL Sentral side instead of Putrajaya. WTF?? Why la I so stupid?? I realized that when I saw all the people in the train that passed by me was all foreigner and that meant something yaw. If got a lot of foreigner in that train, that must be the Putrajaya train. And I realized that until that train left me and it’s 12am already! Mati weyyy. It scared the hell out of me to realize the fact that I’m gonna get on the last train. Last train means no bus to Cyberjaya. I just knew it in my heart. And again, I was right. Luckily, that time, got like seven other foreigners that wanna go to Cyberia. At least we can share the cab and be safe. Cannot imagine if I have to take the cab alone. I so hate that.

But we wait for couple of minutes and then got a U429 bus coming. Like thank GODDDD! The driver said that his bus is not even the last bus. His schedule was over but he felt kesian watching me all alone and lost. Cewaahh. Hahah. Thank you pakcik bus!

I think I can’t go to the next class at night. I was really really tired when I got to my room. But the two hours was damn worth it. It’s been a while since I was serious about something and really pay attention. All thanks to Serena and Jen for making all this happen. You guys really rocks. I wish I have pictures to share with you guys on what I did but gladly, I don’t. Hahaha.

Oh crap! It’s 1159! I need to wake up damn early tomorrow. Oh Doory said that when I grow up, I will have a driver with a Mercedes because I dah susah2 dahulu senang kemudian. Hahha. Amin kan je la kan. Aminnn~.

.SS501 Solo Collection Drama.

I’ve been waiting for this for a really really long time. And I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. Hehehe.

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Such a pity that we don’t get to see Young Saeng and Hyung Joon act. They only involved in the video clip part. And it’s sort of funny when suddenly the video clip appear in the middle of the story.

Oh oh oh I got some unsure bad news – it has not been confirmed yet that SS501 will be coming to Malaysia. There’s no official agreement whatsoever. 😦

I mean, who would go right? I would. But you never know how many korean music fans out there. They’re getting pretty famous out here. Hrmm. I will go no matter what. Would you?

.SS501 is coming to Malaysia!.

Excited tak? Excited tak? Excited tak? Excited kan kan kan kan?

How can I be less excited about this?? Hurm let me think…I can’t! Cos

SS501 is coming to Malaysia yawwww!


This is so effing exciting! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *screaming while jumping and running and rolling around the room* This is soooo much better than waiting for Avril. Wayyy better. Hahaha. Well, I’m a sucker for boy band. Can’t help it. This means that I got to have the tickets regardless of how much it will cost by any means. This kind of miracle won’t come knocking on the door that often you know. Have you heard any N’sync stepping in Malaysia? F4 in concert?? Oke BSB is one of the dreams come true moment. 🙂

I don’t care if I don’t understand any Korean Language. I don’t care if  I got to sit at the very back. I don’t care if *insert probability barriers here*. I still wanna go. I won’t miss this for the world. Let’s pray that the concert management unit won’t cancel Malaysia off the list. Cos it happened too many times before.

Omigawd. I think I should plan how my banner will look like. Or maybe learn basic Korean language. Hahaha. This is only ONE korean boy band tau. Imagine if i fall in with DBSK? Suju? Big bang? Shinee? 2PM? Problem already. Hahaha.

Source: allkpop

.in a rush.

I am so busy like hell macam haram oke. *ketuk2 kepala*

But i still have the time to miss this


and this

we got married

Oke oke if it’s not obvious enough, the chain reaction is like that; from Boys Over Flowers to We Got Married to SS501. So what. It’s usually like that la kan. :p

And FYI, I’ve downloaded all We Got Married episodes of Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. So, yeah. Lets go crazy! while doing all the assignments. Haha.

.like finally!.

Ohhemmmgeee! Twilight is SO FREAKING AWESOME!! It really is! And i’m not just saying it because i read the book, or maybe i am. Hahah. But, the people that didnt read the book said twilight is cool. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

….. *screaming hysterically *

……*eeeeeekkkk! *

Ohhh i am so not over twilight yet. So worth watching it twice or triple oke. And i wanna tell you all about it but i gotta be somewhere. In-lab tutorial actually. Heee.