Terminate Astro – Succeed!

I’m in charge of few bills of my mother’s house. One of them is Astro bill and I kinda had it with Astro. It’s true what other people said about this broadcasting company; they keep repeating the same thing over and over again. And there used to be very minimal to no advertisement but now, it’s all advertisement in between and it’s getting more expensive. I remember the bill used to be less than RM150 and then suddenly it reached RM170++ and I don’t even wanna know why. Actually I couldn’t even be bothered.

On average, I watch more TV than the whole household and I’m not even a permanent resident! Just a weekend visitor. Okay it’s only because I stay home a lot compared to others LOL. So I decided to stop subscribing to the cable TV. Everybody sorts of agreed but then again, I paid the bills haha. And we have the free and ever sufficient HyppTV so why waste any more money?

I put in quite an effort to unsubscribe because I’ve read lots of experiences  saying that it ain’t gonna be easy. They won’t let you go just like that. They will procrastinate, delay, ignore you, and all sort of stuff. Some people had to keep paying them for years after the end of subscription God knows why. After all the research, this is what I did and it worked without any hassle alhamdulillah.

  1. Check and pay off your outstanding bill – My bill cutoff date is every 28th so I checked my outstanding bill online and paid them off 1 week before 28th that month which is around 21st. You need to give them some time to unsubscribe for their internal procedure. Few days suffice but sometimes they will say they need a week and you have to wait another month due to “lack of time”.
  2. Call the next day to unsubscribe – Get your account number and your cutoff date ready. Don’t be discourage by the automated call answering system. I spent almost half an hour to finish the whole process being the first 20 minutes just to get to the right department.
  3. The conversation – Ask for your cutoff date just to be sure and so they can’t twist something along the way. Say politely that you want to stop subscribing and they will ask why and all. I simply told them that nobody watches the TV anymore. I think they get that a lot because the guy on the phone was so understanding. He will make you an offer that you definitely can refuse. Don’t give in to that. Have perseverance! You can do this! –They will cut the Astro right before your cutoff date so just make sure you have the cutoff date right and double confirm with them. In my case, my Astro was terminated exactly at 27th 12.00AM. You can insist for them to cut it off right away but they will persuade you to wait until the very end I don’t know why.
  4. Contractor appointment – Astro’s contractor will call you to collect the huge dish and the decoder. Set an appointment as soon as you can. Don’t delay. In my case, the contractor collects them on the 28th itself or was it the next day hmm I can’t recall but it was around 28th. They didn’t give any acknowledgement paper or anything and my family didn’t take any picture etc. so maybe you wanna do that just in case.
  5. You are free! Congratulations!

I’m so grateful that it was not a pain process for me. Others had it worst. I hope it will be in you favor too.

Funny thing is we couldn’t find the HyppTV decoder hahaha. So, we’re TV-less for few weeks and my brother can’t wait anymore and bought Android TV and our life changes afterwards LOL. It’s not as user friendly as other decoders. My mother still can’t figure out how to use it and it took me near 15 minutes every time I wanna watch something. It’s different but very promising. And cheap too! Few hundreds per lifetime. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner.





I used to loveeeeeee watching TV like I can spend the whole day watching tv without doing anything else (well, except for eating). When people ask me what is my hobby I would say wasting time because I love watching TV so much I find lazing around watching TV could be a hobby.

Now, I rarely watch TV at all. I never really watch news before this anyway so..mehh. Like this weekend, I didn’t turn it on at all. Ok to be fair, I watched HIMYM season 3 on my laptop but I knew! I knew if I turn on that magical box, I would lost myself in it for hours without realizing it. I would watch the movie that I’ve watched few weeks ago just because they’re showing it.

Oh well those were the days but I regret nothing! Lol It’s just that I have so many things to do now compared to few years back. Back then, I had nothing to do. No business inventory to keyed in, no books to be read, no cats to play with, etc.

Or you can say that I look at ‘relaxing’ in a different angle now.

Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary


This book is an easy read for me. Laid back and no thinking kind of book. I read some reviews that they were put off by how the story is presented; diary. Like there’s no way that she write all those small details every few hours. It’s kinda true but I cope with it by assuming that it works like twitter where you can and it’s possible to update every hour.

I’ve watched the movie right after. So, my review might be influenced by the movie as well.

I can relate to almost 90% of the book like no kidding. I understand what Bridget is going through and all her ideology on Singleton, I feel you woman! Except for the ending of course. I was torn between furious and happy on the ending. At first, I was happy that she finally got her happy ending. After a while, there’s this unsettled feeling that why must the story have to end with happy ending while in the real world, in truth, there are lots of woman out there who do not get their happy ending. Why can’t Fielding focus on that and make the happy ending about a woman achieving something else other than a guy.

It’s like the book is telling the world that indeed, the key to happiness is marriage. You’re screwed if you don’t have that. Maybe it’s just me that feel betrayed by the book. I was given hope in the beginning that maybe, just maybe, this is going to be different but nawhh it’s just a typical love story with boyfriend-less woman in the beginning and not in the end. 

Speaking of which, I’m disappointed with Bridget character development. Throughout the book, her character is pretty much stagnant. She didn’t become stronger or learnt from her lesson or anything. She just met somebody wrong in the beginning and met somebody right in the ending. Now when I think about it thoroughly, the concept is almost repulsive. 


Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and the movie too. I prefer neither the book Bridget nor the movie Bridget. Excuse the feminist part of me as she decided to show up here all of sudden.


Book Review: Safe Haven

Omigod this book is amaaaaazingggg!! Solid 5 stars! I’ve read some reviews before reading the book which stated that they’re dissapointed with this book and that his previous books were better. If this ‘dissapointing’ book brought me such joy, I could only imagine what his other great books would make me feel. There’s not a single thing in this book annoyed me, be its plot, character, story line, etc. 

The story line was perhaps popular or in trend during those days it was written cos the similarity is there with the blockbuster movies such as..oh dang it I forgot the title but it has JLo in it. Different in the ending or other part of the story but the concept is undoublty similar.

There was something bothered me though but I’ve forgotten all about it especially with such ending omigod I would have never thought it would end that way. The inevitable happy ending is for sure but what’s with the Katie’s revelation!!?? Like whatttttt!!?? I got shivers all the way to the end of my being reading those last few pages. I didn’t see that coming really. 

<Spoiler> I mean who would have thought that Jo isn’t freaking real?? I thought Katie had some mental issues due to the abuse by Kevin but apparently, Sparks want us to think that Jo is real and not part of her imagination because it was revealed that Jo was Alex’s late wife. A cameo by the ghost of Alex’s late wife. Gotta admit that this kind of plot twist is something.

And omg I was so scared for Katie when Kevin is on the verge of finding her. I was relieved when I thought it will ends with the house burning but he still have his moment in torturing and hitting Katie. That soab! And thank Goddddd he died. Putting him in jail for years wouldn’t suffice. </Spoiler>

What I love most about this book is how it’s such a page-turner. It’s in a way fast pace but not so much and the most important thing is his writing style is superb.

Give me more Sparks!

Read: 19th – 25th February 2014

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird

I was stumbling a bit when I read the first few chapters. The writing style is fine. The language on the other hand is something. It took me a while to figure out what ‘smatter and chillun are..and also ‘yonder which still confuses me sometimes and trust me, there’re more. But I think ‘Yessum’ and ‘Nome’ is cute. I had to re-read some paragraph to understand what the passage is trying to say. The synopsis mentioned that the book is about a little girl story. I’m not sure what I expected out of the book but it surprised me that it’s just a typical story of a little girl growing up. 

What makes the book a winner is Atticus I must say. I really wanna thank Harper Lee for not ending the story with Scout and Jem all grown up crying at the bed side waiting for Atticus to die in peace. Oh dear God I’m not sure if I can handle that. Thank you Lee for not killing Atticus. It’s 2014 and it’s still weird as it was back in 1962 calling your father by his first name. At first, I was confused of their relationship until Miss Maudie or is it Miss Rachel mentioned to the children that it’s not common to call a father with their first name. But after a while, it’s cute. 

What I love about Atticus is how he handle the kids. How he answers their questions again and again and how he understands them. His wife must be amazing I can tell. I almost cried when they send food to Atticus’s home as a sign of appreciation even though he lost the case. 
The book is mainly about racism between the white and the black. I wonder if it surprises Lee to know that it has been 54 years since he published the book and racism still exist. It’s not as bad but it’s still there with all its context and crisis. 

Let’s talk about the movie now. I watched the movie right after I finished with the book. It only took too many movies for me to accept the fact that a book-turned-movie will never ever be the same with the book. They deliver different things and you can’t expect to receive the same either. The movie of course left some scene but they kept it real down to the lines. Movie-Atticus is a bit different than what I imagined but Gregory Peck played Atticus reallyyy well. His acting is exactly how I imagine Atticus react when I read the book. I’m not a cry baby, really, I’m not but I cried when Atticus came to tell Helen that Tom has died. 

And Scout is so cute! Jem too! If it wasn’t for the book, I would have never watched the movie in a million years hahaha.

*Spoiler Alert*

*Spoiler Alert*

*Spoiler Alert*

Ending: Tom killed himself before they appeal to the court. Robert Ewell tried to kill Jem and Scout on their way home from a school play but they were saved by Boo Radley. Robert Ewell died in the incident but he was not killed by Boo or Jem, he was tripped by something which then he accidentally stabbed himself.

Read: 20th January 2014

Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


I hate it when I have to be that person…who thinks the book is just okay when everybody else list the book as one of their top 10.

I thought by the end of this book, I would understand Charlie better but I didn’t. I didn’t really like that the book was written in a letter form all the way. If the story was narrated from a 3rd person few times, that would be a bit change of air. I kinda agree with one of the review I read earlier on Charlie’s character is confusing. One minute, he’s a genius beyond his age and the next thing, he does what he was told like a child. And the fact that he reads a lot but still have that lack of knowledge on social skill doesn’t match as well. I mean he read more than 5 books, don’t tell me not one of them have anything on social skill?? Even Matilda learns stuff from the book she read. I don’t know. It just doesn’t adds up. I think Chbosky should give a little bit more credit to Charlie.

968full-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-screenshot (2)When I read the back of the book, the publisher claimed that the book has received critical acclaim, provoked discussion and debate, and all that jazz you know which…I don’t understand why. Is it his writing skill? Or is it those social issues he brought up like it’s just another day in Pennysylvania? Maybe it’s all of it. I really wanted to feel infinite when Charlie explains it and cries when he did but it just doesn’t get to me. Not sure why. Probably because I didn’t get the book to begin with. I don’t understand how he becomes like that. Probably will if Chbosky add another few hundred pages in the beginning to explain why Charlie is like that. And why does he cry a lottttt like a lottttt. He cries almost whenever he face an emotional breakdown be it positive or negative.

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWERI haven’t mention that I’ve watched the movie already. The movie was great. I love Emma and Ezra!! And Logan was perfect. Despite being gay in the film, I love Ezra the most. I want to compare the book with the movie but I can’t really recall the movie. But I will watch it again after this anyway. And maybeeee that’s the reason why I feel that the book is not so great as claimed because I’ve watched the movie and I like the movie-Charlie more than the book-Charlie. Not because of Logan okkk I have loved book-character more than movie character countless times.


So I’ve watched the movie again. And I just wanna say I understand all the rave about this movie. It was really great. I think I may have written a blog post about the movie back when I first watch it Idk. The movie makes you feel so….alive and well, infinite. I truthfully felt it. It makes me want to live those great moments and be part of it. Well, aren’t we all?

968full-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-screenshotLogan was reallllyyy good at being anxious. You can tell that he’s anxious all the time which is parallel with the Charlie in the book and unlike the book, he didn’t cry a lot in the movie THANKGOD. I super love Ezra and Emma! They make great Patrick and Sam and I think Ezra added a lot of adlibs to his line. One thing I don’t agree is the casting for Mary Elizabeth. When I read about her, someone like Mae Whitman didn’t come to my mind. Maybe cos I saw a lot of her in Parenthood I don’t know.

968full-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-photoThere are also lots of moment that weren’t in the book but added to the film. I think those moments make the film gives an impact to the viewer. Urgh I’m so bad at reviewing movies or books even. This movie is just great! That’s it! One of the moment that I like is the Living Room Routine! Correct me if I’m wrong but that scene was not in the book.

perks-of-being-a-wallflower-danceAnd of course the below average! Have no idea why I like that bit.

968full-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-screenshot (3)

And of course the tunnel. With the movie, I really feel what they meant when they say infinite. Chbosky really nailed it with the film.

still-of-emma-watson-in-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflowerThere are other moments that I like for instant, the fighting scene between Charlie and the bad guys saving Patrick. Love that! Urgh I’m so 2000 and late at this. I know. And please please I need my room to be like this! How do I make the cloth stick to the wall? How do I stick the fairy lights to the wall and the ceiling?

968full-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-screenshot (1)

6 days of having a good time (and good food)

Kenapa I rasa macam terpaksa untuk buat post kali ini? Semata2 untuk habiskan Day 567893242341 tsk. So it’s gonna be brief this time, just for the sake of recording so I won’t forget and regret of not writing. Oh I was laptop-less for a week. Thus, the lack of update and a bundle of update in one post.

Day 5: Friday! Went out to Giant to buy Izzat’s birthday cake. The only healthy cake I can think of is the high-fibre cheese cake but Abah does not eat cheese cake (pelik betol). So it has come down to carrot cake with cheese cream topping, nothing we can do about it tho. Oh and I had wantan mee for my late lunch at Chicken Rice Shop.


At night, there’s this Ariana’s ex-school PIBG annual dinner at Royale Bintang, The Curve. Confirm2 lah it’s buffet style kan OMG did I eat A LOT. One thing I cannot resist until now; buffet.


Day 6: Weekendddddd! Doesn’t make it much difference to me but since everybody will be home, so kurang bosan sikit la. I, Ksah, and Ariana went to The Curve for a karaoke! 3 jam pun tak cukup ye untuk 3 orang! Semua tetap berebut2! Petang tu we celebrated Izzat’s birthday with Nasi Arab! Kata diet!!! Kannnnn tsk. “Ila tak suka nasi arab so takdela makan sangat kot”, kata orang tersebut. Sekali satu suap hamik kau “Eh sedap la ni tak kering sangat” Mampos makan sesuka hati macam pintu suka hati doraemon T.T

carrrot cake

Day 7: Sunday!! I tak ingat la hari ni I buat apa. Mungkin hanya duduk di rumah sepanjang hari dan tengok segala drama &  series. Hmmm. Ohhhhhh hari Ahad patutnye pegi tengok Epsilon perform tapi tak jadi sebab kena hantar TV ke rumah Putra woohooo! Rumah putra da ade TV da skarang. Tinggal tambah astro je. 😀

Day 8: I and Dayana made a last minute plan to go out today. Ever since I started my 2 weeks holiday, we haven’t spend time together even once! And she’s the only non-working friend I have. She’s actually busy with Epsilon stuff so I pun taknak la kacau. We went to IOI Mall for karaoke (again!) as early as 11am omg cos it’s cheap and it comes with lunch. But mine was not that nice. After that we watched The Croods; it was funny!!! I want the sloth!! lol


the croods

Then we go back before the working people traffic starts and I was hungry when I was driving sooooo I went to Street Cafe for an early dinner tehehhe. Remember how I craved for Jajangmyeon? This is the time!!, I thought. Boy it was delicious!! Omnomnom sangat.


Day 9: Well, my hearing for Kpop Storm ticket refund was scheduled on Tuesday. Woke up as early as I can for the hearing which fortunately is really near to my house. Still, I reached like 20 minutes earlier. Anddddd few days after, I got the refund alreadyyyy. That was fast. LOL. Kinda exciting though for my first court experience. Roamed around Alam Central mall looking for baju kurung but couldn’t find anything nice so balik je la tengok tv kat rumah..sampai malam O.O

Day 10: Wednesday night, maksu datang! Maksu ada course dekat KL patu habis hari rabu so maksu datang rumah kitorang! Besnyeee! To welcome Maksu that night, we went for a dinner at Grafa, SS15. I heard about this restaurant for quite some times tapi sebab diet =.= and tak ada geng, so tak kunjung tiba la kat Grafa ni. The place was nice with their ambiance and decoration but the food didn’t quite meet my expectation. The cooker was a William cooker as I was told so the menu resemble what William have but by half la. They don’t have Roti Cheese/Mozarella. Memang sengaja tak nak kasi I makan banyak kan? Fineeee. So I had Baked Beef Pasta with cream sauce. Bloody carbs. Since I was on diet lah kononnye kan, even though the food was not that good but it’s still better than salad and yogurt. Tomyam die sedapppppp macam asam laksa kat JJ Midvalley tu.


Aaaaaaaa penat la type panjang2 niiiii. Esok lusa I sambung Day 11 12 13 14 yewww. Nak siap2 pergi Pasar Malam. Weeeee bye!

Cubaan tengok movie 2: Succeed!

Guess whattttttttt I went to the movies yesterday! Woot woottt! Like finally la dapat keluar rumah cuti2 ni macam laaaaa ade curfew, ataupun takde transport, ataupun kena pegi keje, ataupun sebarang alasan lain. I will jot down my day 3 first before I forgot.

Day 3: As usual, I can’t help it okay cos when I sleep really late I wake up late la and ofc cos I have no reason to wake up early for. It has become a routine for me to go to they gym right after I woke up so I spent almost 2 hours in the gym; treadmill-ing while watching old taiwan and korean drama but on day 3 I watched Kpop Star 2 instead. Then I continued watching the latest episode from the internet. Tiba2 je da petang nak dekat malam >.< Went to the gym again after maghrib with my bro. Read my book lepas tu tido. Boring kan?

Day 4: That morning I macam semangat habis nak tengok movie but still I have to go to the gym kan so seret seluruh badan dengan sepenuh tenaga pegi gym dulu. Lepas tu siap2 dalam pukul 2 lebih baru pegi OU! I always go to The Curve for everything; movie, to buy stuff. etc. and I didn’t go to OU for a very long time walaupun kedua-duanya belakang rumah I je lol. So, rasa macam dah lama tak pergi OU, excited la sket kat situ.

First thing first, I went to get my “lunch” lah kononnye; Boost Juice’s Brekkie to Gogo. It cost me 500++ calories tapi memang kenyang la. But I made a mistake by walking around JJ  after that, saw Tako Tao and bammm! That’s it! “Satu ye kak”. Then I watched Warm Bodies at GSC. Wanted to try the new TGV but the showtime was too little too late. The movie was…fine and slow but it was fine. And funny! The guy’s monologue kicked it; sooo funny. The movie is from a book so I bet the book is better. I expected a lot actually.

warm bodies

Then I pegi solat kejap, cari birthday cake izzat kejap, and another movie! I didn’t know what to watch but I remembered my ex-colleague insisted us to watch The Call and so I did. For a very long time, my heart didn’t beat hard like that, even in the gym! It was total suspense. Maybe cos I was watching it alone and the victim in the movie was kidnapped in a shopping mall car park =.=! ironic sangattt..takut gila please. I almost want to go out and go back right away to avoid going home late but I didn’t. I watched it til the end. Lepas tu terus balik rumah ketakutan. I blame my ex-colleague for this, I don’t care.


Ohmigod my dinner oh my I feel really sinful for having Cheese Tteokbokki. Tsk diet konon. I craved for jajangmyeon the other day, remember? And the huge 100+ stores mall do not have them so I resorted for a still korean food. And I just wanna try their tteokbokki and compare them to the other kedai. Oh it was at Dubu Dubu Seoul Food. It was not bad..but can’t beat the one at Times Square’s food court.


Yes, I watch movie alone. The last time I did this was several years ago. I dah ajak my baby sister to watch it with me tapi dia nak buat homework lah kononnye and my lil bro was busy with his friends. I don’t like the fact that my day will be indirectly decided by others. I finally feel like watching a movie or two but cos I don’t have the company to go with, I can’t go. That’s not how I roll honey. I mean, you can’t really talk in the movie pun but maybe it’s that you have nobody to be excited with before the movie, to discuss the movie with after the movie, and to discuss it with some more during dinner. It kinda sucks, that part it was but since I’m active on twitter, I discussed it with myself in twitter hahaha. I don’t mind, really..even when my bro found out and said “Tengok movie sorang je? Kesiannye”. Ofc I said “Takdelah. Bese je.” I noticed that there are other people who watch movie alone too so I guess it’s okay. I don’t feel bad about it myself. 🙂

2 down, 22 more to go

So I finished The Secret Circle book already and also the 6 episodes of the series..I must say, it was a right thing to do not expecting as much from the series. It’s just the beginning of the episode 1 and they’ve changed so so much. Her mother is not supposed to die until like ever and oh the parents were never involved. And the most important thing, the complete circle is 12 not 6 and nobody in the circle ever died. Knowing how much they have changed and how much I know they gonna change some more, I….don’t expect anything at all. I mean, I’m not surprise if they don’t bring John Black character.

The cast

Cassie and Adam

Well, the books rock! It’s about witch thingy as I said and even though it’s a young adult genre, it’s a good shit. And I kinda expected the fighting to be a little bit longer but it’s just too easy for Cassie to kill her own father. I’m quiet surprised that Cassie became the leader in the end, what a twist. Anyways, if there’s anybody would like to read the book, let’s trade! I mean I let you borrow mine and I borrow yours la lol.

And now, I’m reading this:

It’s funny how I have the other two of her books without the intention of collecting her novels lols.


The Secret Circle

I’m reading this right now

and I almost reaching its ending. I thought it’s about vampire stuff but it’s not. It’s about some witch stuff. LOL I don’t mind. As long as it’s not some sappy love story, then I don’t mind. After I’m done with this book, I’m gonna move to the second part

Good thing I bought both book in one shot. Oh just so you know, I bought this from the Big Bad Wolf book fest and…the rest of the book as well LOL


Yes, I’m so greedy like that hahaha. How can you not?? When all the book is just RM8 each. Mwahahaha. I’m gonna go again tomorrow though uuuuu I can’t get enough of the books!

Anyways, I was googling for the Secret Circle book picture and come across…THE SERIES! They have a freaking series now!! Like how they turned vampire diaries into one, yeah that’s how it is. But it’s just getting started and they have around 5 episodes only as of this moment. I’m not that excited but I’m glad that I got to read the book first before watching the series. And I have always like all this witch stuff.