Terminate Astro – Succeed!

I’m in charge of few bills of my mother’s house. One of them is Astro bill and I kinda had it with Astro. It’s true what other people said about this broadcasting company; they keep repeating the same thing over and over again. And there used to be very minimal to no advertisement but now, it’s all advertisement in between and it’s getting more expensive. I remember the bill used to be less than RM150 and then suddenly it reached RM170++ and I don’t even wanna know why. Actually I couldn’t even be bothered.

On average, I watch more TV than the whole household and I’m not even a permanent resident! Just a weekend visitor. Okay it’s only because I stay home a lot compared to others LOL. So I decided to stop subscribing to the cable TV. Everybody sorts of agreed but then again, I paid the bills haha. And we have the free and ever sufficient HyppTV so why waste any more money?

I put in quite an effort to unsubscribe because I’ve read lots of experiences  saying that it ain’t gonna be easy. They won’t let you go just like that. They will procrastinate, delay, ignore you, and all sort of stuff. Some people had to keep paying them for years after the end of subscription God knows why. After all the research, this is what I did and it worked without any hassle alhamdulillah.

  1. Check and pay off your outstanding bill – My bill cutoff date is every 28th so I checked my outstanding bill online and paid them off 1 week before 28th that month which is around 21st. You need to give them some time to unsubscribe for their internal procedure. Few days suffice but sometimes they will say they need a week and you have to wait another month due to “lack of time”.
  2. Call the next day to unsubscribe – Get your account number and your cutoff date ready. Don’t be discourage by the automated call answering system. I spent almost half an hour to finish the whole process being the first 20 minutes just to get to the right department.
  3. The conversation – Ask for your cutoff date just to be sure and so they can’t twist something along the way. Say politely that you want to stop subscribing and they will ask why and all. I simply told them that nobody watches the TV anymore. I think they get that a lot because the guy on the phone was so understanding. He will make you an offer that you definitely can refuse. Don’t give in to that. Have perseverance! You can do this! –They will cut the Astro right before your cutoff date so just make sure you have the cutoff date right and double confirm with them. In my case, my Astro was terminated exactly at 27th 12.00AM. You can insist for them to cut it off right away but they will persuade you to wait until the very end I don’t know why.
  4. Contractor appointment – Astro’s contractor will call you to collect the huge dish and the decoder. Set an appointment as soon as you can. Don’t delay. In my case, the contractor collects them on the 28th itself or was it the next day hmm I can’t recall but it was around 28th. They didn’t give any acknowledgement paper or anything and my family didn’t take any picture etc. so maybe you wanna do that just in case.
  5. You are free! Congratulations!

I’m so grateful that it was not a pain process for me. Others had it worst. I hope it will be in you favor too.

Funny thing is we couldn’t find the HyppTV decoder hahaha. So, we’re TV-less for few weeks and my brother can’t wait anymore and bought Android TV and our life changes afterwards LOL. It’s not as user friendly as other decoders. My mother still can’t figure out how to use it and it took me near 15 minutes every time I wanna watch something. It’s different but very promising. And cheap too! Few hundreds per lifetime. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner.